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Ship Registration

The Cayman Islands as a category 1 British Registry is qualified to register vessels of all sizes and classes, from small pleasure yachts and mega-yachts to bulk-carriers. 

Flying the Cayman Islands flag demonstrates reputation, efficiency, and quality.  Caymans capital, George Town has been a British Registry Port since 1904, following the passing of the British Merchant Shipping Act in 1894.

All vessels registered in the Cayman Islands are entitled to the rights and protection of U.K. maritime law and are permitted to fly the British Red Ensign (with the Cayman Islands crest in fly).  Our reputation as a first-class port of registry has led to a great number of knowledgeable and experienced yacht owners having their vessels registered under the Cayman Islands flag.

The Merchant Shipping Law (2016 Revision) has greatly expanded the list of countries whose citizens qualify to be owners of Cayman Islands vessels.

The Cayman Islands provides ship owners with three ports of registry: namely George Town on Grand Cayman, The Creek on Cayman Brac and Bloody Bay on Little Cayman.


A Certificate of Registry can be issued for an indefinite period or for a specified period at the discretion of the Registrar of Shipping, and there can be interim registration of vessels. 

Cayman offers revised levels of liability and increased levels of compensation for oil pollution damage as well as for incidental and connected purposes, with registration permissible for both traditional private pleasure yachts and commercial yachts. 

Commercial yachts and ships are subject to international conventions governing manning, safety, and pollution.  These are general rules which vary for different classes of vessels.  The Cayman Islands’ comprehensive and modern maritime legislation allows more flexibility in the application of such rules over any other British register.

Ship registration in Cayman has enjoyed a constant pattern of growth. This is especially visible at international yacht shows, where many vessels can be seen flying the Cayman Islands Red Ensign Flag. 

Silverside Management can provide a comprehensive, knowledgeable, and efficient service in this increasingly demanding and competitive market.

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