The Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands is recognised as a major international financial centre with leadership in a number of areas.

As the top international banking centre, the world’s leading domicile for offshore hedge funds, the second largest captive insurance centre and a world leader in structured finance, the jurisdiction stands as the only offshore international financial centre to possess such breadth and depth in financial services.

While achieving its commercial success, the Cayman Islands has maintained a high level of integrity. It is recognised by the FATF as a leader within the Caribbean region in the fight against money laundering and adheres to all of the relevant international supervisory standards.

Private and institutional investors are attracted to the Cayman Islands because of its professional infrastructure, business friendly approach, flexibility, an English common law framework, stability, well regulated regime and tax neutrality.


The Cayman Islands is home to many of the world’s top professionals in the areas of law, accountancy, corporate services and investments expertise. Many of the world’s leading firms in these areas have chosen to set up in the Cayman Islands.


The Cayman Islands Government and the private sector have maintained a partnership which has resulted in a climate that is responsive to local and international market needs and provides flexibility while maintaining the financial centre’s integrity.


The Cayman Islands has maintained a very stable economic and political climate throughout its history.


The jurisdiction has no direct personal, corporate or property taxes.


The Cayman Islands is recognised internationally for its efforts to adhere to international regulatory standards and plays a leadership role in the offshore arena on international regulatory issues. The jurisdiction is well known to have in place a regulatory regime which surpasses many of the world’s top international financial centres in the area of anti-money laundering.

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