What We Do

Economic Substance

Silverside Management, in conjunction with its affiliates, can provide various functions to assist our clients with satisfying their economic substance requirements.

The service level can be tailored to reflect each client’s requirements including governance, investment advisory and accounting services

The outsourcing of such services to a suitably qualified and experienced third party, in particular those related to Cayman Islands Core Income Generating Activities ('CIGA'), can assist greatly with a client’s obligations under any economic substance tests.

Silverside Management's professionals and its affiliates are highly qualified, deeply experienced in providing services and advise all types of Cayman entities. Silverside Management has specialist knowledge and expertise across a wide range of industries as well as many years’ experience within the financial services industry.

Each role undertaken will be unique to each client and dependent on the client’s needs and guidelines as detailed in the client’s governing documentation.

Silverside Management can provide independent board governance as well as perform specific day-to-day duties as need.

Silverside Management can offer a dynamic and adaptive service depending on what particular roles are required or are suitable for the given circumstances.

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